Recent developments have been occurring over and over around this joint.

Most importantly: Cameron got the job! He’s officially the new Client Service Manager! Also known as Assistant Manager of Bridgeport KeyBank! And of course, this means – time for house hunting!

Because of looking online and different houses, visiting one this past weekend, and the fact that most of our spare time involves talking about houses, Pinterest has become a wonderful way to catalog all the ideas that have been spilling out. 🙂 Whether for rooms in the house, favorite things I’ve found online, or crafts I’d like to do that have nothing to do with a house – it’s all categorized there with original links to blog/sites/etc. where they originated from!



You might have notice my obsession with antiques and anything with tiny drawers… hey – Christmas is coming up… or another antique giving holiday. HEY – housewarming gifts! Eh, internet? Ahh, a girl can dream, right? If you’re interested in seeing more of my boards and pins on Pinterest, you can check out my permalink at here!).


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