Coughing up the weekend & bad bearings

Coughing up the weekend & bad bearings

Today we’re still resting from our sickly weekend where we spent all of Sunday on the couch hacking, sneezing, coughing, blowing noses, holding headaches, and trying to entertain children with bible-related movies and VeggieTales. What a day! While I’m not feeling very different from this weekend, I can feel it getting worse in some areas – tighter nasal cavity, ears feeling like they’re going to explode off the side of my head, and of course the ripped-raw throat… with Mucinex these are great signs! I don’t know that I’ve been this excited to be this sick in a while. It shouldn’t be long before I’m fairly back to normal. Let’s hope for tomorrow!

I’ve been doing a lot of the normal things this week, so far, but not including laundry. “A break?” you might ask. In some ways yes – a BROKEN washer. Really apartment complex? REALLY? “We should have caught this,” were the words out of my nice little maintenance man. I’ve had my share of creepy maintenance guys who I can either allow to come in, or who assume I’m not home and pull out their ring of special keys… it feels much LESS creepy when I just let them in. But this one’s not bad. Anywho – our nice little maintenance man noted their failure to check appliances properly before he even HEARD the noise. Apparently the small inconspicuous noises our washer has been making from day one were ALSO a problem. Who knew.

So finally, when I could get the spin cycle to start up on full speed, the INSANE racket started. (Don’t worry, THAT one was normal. When we do laundry it’s like living right outside the PDX terminal.) I reassured him that while this was a front loading washing machine, I was well aware that the inexpensive models were loud and this was not why I had called them here. Then the clanking started. The first time I heard it I ran back to the laundry room terrified that one of my children had pocketed my iPod touch and that it was currently trying to figure out which way was up and how to display my on-screen keyboard all while trying to spit out the water from a FULL LENGTH WASH CYCLE. (This explanation sounded much funnier than “My BRICK was on spin cycle.”) After emptying every pocket looking for iPods, rocks, paperweights, small countries, etc. I wrung out each clothing item thinking maybe the load was too heavy. I put everything back in and the noise began again.

So back to maintenance man – he took a recording with his cell phone to explain the noise to the technician and left. He came back 20 minutes later with an appliance guy who promptly told him the bearings were bad. Which also explains the black grease-stained clothes that mysteriously have been appearing after being washed. The bearings were beyond bad – so we’re getting a new washer.

Yay! Right? HA! That was Friday. It’s Tuesday. No word from maintenance. I have three children. And a husband. You do the math. Regardless, I’m glad the stains will no longer be appearing, that soon my head will be drained of all mucus, and that at least my children and husband can function!

No more new on the house hunting front, my Realtor’s on vacation for a while and I haven’t heard anything from her replacement. Cameron and I found a few more houses the other night, we look each day to see any new listings, but no word yet. I’ve been feeling the crafty need again and I wish I was in a house with room to make use of the feeling! I may finish a small project later this afternoon or evening and that will probably help.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s vegan post – Vegan Cheesecake with a homemade graham cracker crust and strawberry topping! Even without my sense of taste this is still incredible… don’t miss it!

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