The Golden Turnip

The Golden Turnip

When we lived in Colton, directly after moving home from Utah, there wasn’t a lot that we did over our weekends. My other set of parents were in Beaverton, the few friends I still was able to see and meet up with were spread around in the same general area of Beaverton, and there weren’t any real malls or things to see without trekking out to Clackamas or occasionally Oregon City.

But one thing that I really enjoyed was our discovery of the Oregon City Winter Farmers’ Market. About 30 minutes away, and small compared to the large Beaverton Farmers’ Market, was this wonderful way to spend our Saturday mornings. I quickly fell in love. Other than the Golden Turnip I scored on my first visit to the market, we also found Wynona Studios, a knitting (and etc. etc., a needlecraft heaven!) shop. It was by accident after purchasing a gorgeous handmade (hand turned?) rolling-pin from the husband of one of the ladies that ran the shop!

Every time we went the kids got treats from a bakery booth, we fell in love with a Sunflower Sesame Bread that we kept going back to (vegan to boot!), and I picked new, fresh, vegetables to try each week. Brussels sprouts and kale, samples of hummus and pita chips, the list goes on.

I had never eaten a turnip, let alone a golden one! So that Saturday in March, after talking to the man who had grown these turnips (how cool is that?) I learned how to clean, slice, and bake to perfection and took home one of my own. When I asked how to tell which were ripe or what to look for to make sure you made a good pick, he told me to just pick one up and feel it in my hands, “which ever one feels right to you, that’s the one.” He was apparently right, mine was perfect!

 After cleaning the turnip of its lovely, local grime, you could see where the vegetable had acquired its name, it practically glowed! Rachael, as she normally does, shuffled in to find out what I was doing in the kitchen and saw the camera. My freshly turned two-year-old used to smile for me like this… March seems so long ago.


Just look at those gold rings! Normally you just slice your vegetable in half lengthwise and place the halves in the dish (insides down). I didn’t have the sharpest knife in the world so when I tried to cut mine in half it had a halving-error and was not exactly… half. I sliced the rest up, as shown, to sort of even up the odds. I turned the pieces a couple of times as well.

After slicing up the pieces I drizzled them with extra virgin olive oil, ground some salt and pepper on top and that was that! Super simple, like you would roast any other vegetable like acorn or spaghetti squash. After baking (bake until soft – pierce with a fork to test, if desired) I trimmed off the skins and sliced it up to bite size pieces. Voila!

A delectable, golden, side dish that is so good it will melt in your mouth. And good for you too!

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