What about dogs?

What about dogs?

At lunch today Duncan was telling me about a “chinese” show he saw one time on TV:

Duncan: They were eating like bugs and worms, and INSECTS!

Me: Wow. [chews salad]

Duncan: Yeah it was so gross, and I just laughed every time I watched them eat it. They even ATE. BABY. CHICKS.

Me: Eww!

Duncan: Yeah, babies. And I saw… their brains!

Me: WOW, that’s… different!

Duncan: Yeah, we don’t eat animals.

Me: [quizzical look in his direction] You don’t eat animals?

Duncan: Well, just dead ones.

Me: Not me!

Duncan: Uhm, YEAH. Like chicken, mama.

Me: Nope, I don’t eat meat. Remember?

Duncan: [obviously thinks I have no idea what I’m talking about] Mom, like TURKEY. You eat turkey!

Me: Bud, I don’t eat meat. I don’t eat any animals.

Duncan: Chickens?

Me: Nope.

Duncan: Bacon?

Me: Nope!

Duncan: [takes another bite of Spaghettios, chews in silence]

Me: [pause] Good ‘sgettios?

Duncan: Not even bears?

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