I’m alive.

I’m alive.

Indeed, I am.

Just going through mass amounts of writer’s block with nothing to say about my increasingly pregnant self and surroundings. Other hoops being jumped through include, but aren’t limited to:

  • that I feel like I’m 30 weeks pregnant, look like I’m 20 weeks pregnant, yet I’m just over 13 weeks
  • the mountain of laundry that should be enough to clothe a small country
  • the annoyance of remaining boxes in my somehow-too-tiny apartment that are screamingly obvious now that I’ve begun my stages of nesting
  • trying to schedule and manage our new homeschooling routine
  • finding ways to keep my two-year-old awake during the day so that she’ll sleep at night
  • finding ways to keep myself awake during any particular time of the day so that I can actually attempt to get SOMETHING done during my day
  • trying new freezer meal ideas
  • cleaning my apartment (the never-ending job)
  • SMILING through hormonal-induced-leave-me-alone times
Ahh, life. Breathe it in!



Meanwhile, between fighting over Lego-sized steering wheels, this was overheard today from the brood:

Duncan: “I’m MR. FREEZE!” Tries to freeze Liv, but after touching her falls over and *dies*.

Liv: “I warned ya. I’m too HOT to freeze.”

Rachael: “Yeah!”

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