Pure chaos

Pure chaos

Sometimes I wonder what life might be like without the constant chaos that seems to surround any family with children… nonetheless, we’re covered in it as usual. The kids went back to school last Friday after a last-minute change of plans and it’s been even more hectic yet slightly quiet and relaxing at the same time. So far it’s working all right, we’re all still adjusting – especially Rachael – but I think that this is better for us as a family.

We’ve also up-ped our FHE days as well as making a full dedication to having at least that one EACH week. Right now we’re shooting for Mondays and Thursdays, one day taught by me and one by Cameron. One of the many aspects that drew me to the idea of homeschooling was that we’d be able to add a family “opening” prayer to start our school day and could even add an extra class to learn more about certain scripture stories and values that our family (and church) believes in. When we were prompted to enroll the two oldest in public school again (my youngest is only 2-1/2) I was disappointed but also a bit relieved. The curriculum we had planning to use was becoming a huge source of stress and our test-run school days were taking much longer than they should have been. Add to that a frustrated 2-year-old, a pregnant mama, 4 teacher/student meetings online a week, having to use TWO computers and being needed at both stations full-time – it quickly became more work than we had originally planned.

Does this mean we’ll never homeschool again? No. Does this mean ALL homeschool programs are like this with more than one child to teach? Absolutely not. I’m still researching and finding out what will work best for us but in the meantime I’m following the “answer” I received for where the kids should be now.

While I feel guilty for our decision, I’m trying NOT to. I’m pretty sure if I’m being prompted to do something that following that prompting shouldn’t be followed by guilt. That’s kind of my M.O. Such is life. But I’m trying to do better. And honestly it’s made me a little more involved in getting the kids to set out clothes and get ready for their morning in advance to avoid the morning rush, and I’m taking extra efforts to make sure I’m staying very involved, reading more with the kids, keeping our FHEs going, and even with lunches! We’ve fallen in love with bento boxes and the tightly packed yummy lunches. I just won a Hello Kitty set too from http://mylunchiscuterthanyours.blogspot.com/! She makes crazy creative lunches and I’m certainly just starting out but she has some great ideas. I’ll have to snap some shots of our bentos after packing them in the box. We’re thinking the kids will take lunch from home (depending on the school’s menu) twice a week and the other three days will be hot lunch.

Wish us luck with our new school year!

PS: On another note, my pregnant brain is in full effect… Duncan’s whining in the hallway, “MOOOMMM, why do we have to watch shows we hate?!” Trying to ignore him I’m looking through bento lunches on mylunchiscuter and I answer, “Because Rachael doesn’t hate the sandwich.” We all three stopped and burst into laughter at my placenta-ate-my-brain response. At least being pregnant gets us a few laughs!

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