The Oregon Zoo

The Oregon Zoo

This summer we bought an Oregon Zoo membership and we’ve definitely been enjoying it. When Olivia was just 3 months old the Zoo was a frequent fun spot and back then, I think I probably got a photo of every animal that existed. Two kids later? I came home with photos of two animals, LOL. The kids are more photogenic anyway…

Rachael, of course, fell asleep about 10 minutes or so into the trip. That’s why we buy Zoo memberships, right? To put our kids to sleep! But Olivia and Duncan really enjoyed themselves and asked lots of questions about the animals, excitedly pointing out their favorites and times when the animals would actually do something other than sleep and hide. Though that was almost just as fun – Duncan can spot almost any animal at any distance before the rest of the group, he was very proud of himself!

Our first trip (since moving home) to the Oregon Zoo was a success and we’ve gone back many times to visit! We’ll definitely have more Zoo photos to come! (Click here to see the album from this trip!)

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