More Zoo

More Zoo

Not that you can really tell by the photos, but these are more Zoo photos. The more we go to the Zoo, the less photos I seem to take that are “typical”. No more smiling by our favorite animal signs or candid shots of pointing to a Zebra or putting the key into the little key box – when you go every or every other weekend like we were the end of this summer, the photos get a little repetitive! I do take the same photos when we visit the same spots summer to summer, and probably always will, but week to week… even the kids get tired of it!

This trip was fun and we visited generally the same areas as we always do but as usual, we (Cameron and I) sat to let the kids run and play on the grass by the elephants. We brought a picnic lunch to this trip and the kids had just picked out toys from the gift shop. So it was a good time to sit back and enjoy the oddly hot sunshine.

Now school’s back in session and our big move is creeping closer but I know we’ll still find time to take our fun family trips to the Zoo. We wouldn’t be true Zoo-faring Oregonians if we didn’t visit the Zoo at least once in the rain, right?

Click here to see the rest of the  photos from this trip! Enjoy.

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