Still alive! [The Playroom]

Still alive! [The Playroom]

Or trying, ha. Unpacking while 6 months pregnant is slightly less than fun… but! It does show results eventually. The downstairs has been done for a while now though I haven’t taken any photos yet. (Plus, our new appliances are coming the day after Thanksgiving!) There are still a few things to be hung, some things that need to find their spots, and the lovely issue getting myself to stop being so anal about how things look and to just take a photo of what we’ve got so far. Have to document the before and after, right? Those photos will be coming soon.

For now I do have some photos of a room that has been “completed” for now. Part of owning a home, right? The constant work and change. Kind of exciting! Okay, who am I kidding – really exciting! Without further adieu…

The Playroom

This is our long-awaited playroom. Home to all the toys we own and savior of mommy’s sanity. When I ask them to tidy their rooms or check if their room is clean and beds are made… the children actually – GUFFAW – respond! Without toys and baby dolls crowding every corner, the kids’ rooms are generally clean by default and if they’ve been messed, it’s a simple fix. Hallelujah!

A view of the main “toy” area.

To the left of the main masses we have the closet. How did we get THIS many toys? Good heavens, spoiled children. Costumes and dress-up items are hung up in the closet (along with the broken Tink who hasn’t been hung up yet). Swords, light sabers, wands, and a princess crowns are all in the large tote and out of sight. And our family’s favorite – all our games and puzzles are safely stowed out of [Rae’s] reach on the closet shelf. The best part about this area?

It closes! Ha, the greatest storage solution.

Our one full bookshelf is in here too, and this is sort of the “reading corner”. We have another bookshelf in Duncan’s room, as well as books in other areas, but this is the one that has the majority of the kid books. Originally the bookshelf was going to be in the girls’ room, but after Rachael decided it would be fun to empty the top shelf on to the floor numerous times… let’s just say mommy decided that it would be a mess better contained in here.

Our bouncer is also prematurely out. The girls have deemed it to be for the baby, but they’ve also decided that they’re going to practice with their babies for now.

Please ignore the plastic bag of bags that I didn’t realize was sitting there and in all the photos… grr.

The big toy shelves. These toys have already changed spots a bazillion times. I’ve decided that as long as they’re ON the shelves and look nice, I’m okay with this. It’s working! The doll house is tucked on the side and the Lego boxes are under the Dora table (not pictured here). After Christmas I have a feeling that we’ll need to rearrange a few things to make some more of those boxes fit… Rae’s Duplos are under the window in her table.

The kids’ computer is also scootin’ on in here, though it’s not hooked up yet. Their map of the United States and Olivia’s Pretty Pony calendar are up, and both shelves of the desk are filled with more books. Our nets (from Jennifer, thanks!) are up on each side of the window as well. Super handy for keeping piles of well-loved animals OFF the floor!

And finally, the cars area! A lot of the kids’ toys that needed to be “set up” were constantly being set up and then taken down, not only obnoxious but not great for toy-grade plastic. We were worried about things snapping or vital pieces getting lost – but now! We’ve got more than enough space to leave the racetracks, the Zhu Zhu Pets stations, and the Dora table and chairs all up, all the time. The kids love it. 🙂 Duncan’s guy and car buckets stay in this area so that he can always have access to more cars, guys to crash into, and whatever else he needs.

All in all, this room is one more fun area that we’re loving in our home! A place for the kids to play and have their things out – a place where we can shut the door… gotta love it.

More to come!

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