Gingerbread Jedi

Gingerbread Jedi

The kids and I sat together and scrolled through Pinterest links that I had pinned with this lovely break in mind. All in all, it hasn’t been horrible so far. Normally, I look forward to Winter Break with the kids. We get to sleep in – at least, past 6:40am… and there’s no rush in the morning, just your basic getting ready for the day, a few chores here and there, and then play for pretty much the rest of the day. Well, for them. But after experiencing INSANE sick day after sick day over the last four weeks, I was beginning to have my doubts about how easy this break was going to actually be. So, anyway, I started pinning ideas! Yesterday we actually sat down and looked through and found some great ones.

Duncan picked this craft off of this pin:

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

The real idea says to use foam, gives a free printable template, and then ideas for other crafty things to use while decorating your little man (or woman). But, who needs foam, right? I’ve got LOADS of scrapbook paper and good ol’ construction paper. This would be easy. Just a quick search through my stash for brown paper (one of my favorite colors) and we’d be on our way.

Can you believe that out of ALL of that paper I have NO, NONE! Not ONE sheet of plain brown paper?!

We made due. Rachael chose a mostly brown paper from one of my scrapbook pads that had a creamy white flower and dotted type pattern across it. Really, it looked like pre-iced gingerbread. Excellent choice. Olivia, of course, chose a very loud pattern with no brown in it at all. Her plain cut out looked like a gingerbread version of The Illustrated Man. Very Olivia! And Duncan’s looked like a red velvet cake version of gingerbread choosing a streaky bold red paper. Meh, who says gingerbread needs to be brown?

They set out to decorating while I assisted with some tricky cutting jobs and gluing occasionally. Rachael was thrilled over the idea of something to color on, Olivia began cutting everything in sight (including the ginger girl’s feet into high heels), and Duncan started to cover his in Jedi-boy colors as he likes to call them.

Click here to see the set – our finished Gingerbread and a few more shots of the kids!

The photos were taken with my iPod Touch and have an Amaro filter added from

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