Wait, the what?

Wait, the what?

Funnies from the past: No idea why this popped up when I went to my Posts. Apparently it never made it past the “Draft” stage?  It was dated March 8, 2011.


Me: Time for lunch! What do we want? Noodles?

Rae: Yesh!

Dunc: Yeah, I’ll get the sauce.

I start dishing out cold noodles into bowls for the kids and alternating them in the microwave. Duncan climbs down from the chair next to the fridge holding Jalapeño Ranch dressing.

Me: Ohh, no no – Dunc, that’s Jalapeño Ranch, it’s way too spicy, honey. Grab the other sauce if that’s what you want.

Rae: ‘Picy. [Spicy]

What can I say? My kids are weird. They like dressing as “sauce” on their noodles. He gives me the dressing and grabs the other bottle of regular ranch dressing.

Me: Okay, Duncan – Rae’s noodles are done, can you get her a fork?

I spoon out some Ranch onto her noodles and stir them up.

Rae: Noooo! Mama, no, too ‘picy!

Me: No, Rach, it’s okay. This is regular sauce, it’s not spicy.

Rae: Yes, mama, ‘picy!

She covers her mouth and shakes her head. Big brother to the rescue…

Dunc: No, Rae, it’s okay. Mama’s putting on the good kind for ya. This is regular Ranch.

He spins the bottle around for her to read.

Dunc: See, Rachie? It’s not ‘picy because there are no jalaweños in it.

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