Family Home Evening

Family Home Evening

Since we’ve moved to Woodburn, our evenings have felt so rushed. While Cameron’s hours at work haven’t changed, the commute is a little further and just a few extra minutes for someone to balance at the bank can make all the difference for the rest of our night! We miss our 5:00 dinners and free time before bed in the evenings.

After the kids come in from the bus, there’s homework to be done, reading to finish, bedrooms to check… your typical after school jargon. By the time they actually FINISH doing everything that they need to have done, I’m already halfway through making dinner, Daddy’s on his way home, and before you know it we’re eating dinner, rushing to clear and clean up, brushing teeth… you get the picture.

But Mondays are different.

On Mondays we still rush to clear the table but we stick around. The kids are excited to see what activity I’ve managed to pull together, Rachael’s excited to ask us to sing one of her favorite Nursery songs, Duncan just wants to do anything but go upstairs and get into pajamas – for whatever reason, and as hectic as it is, we all look forward to Monday nights. Monday nights are Family Home Evening.

Olivia - 2008

When the “big” kids were younger, FHE was a pretty easy occurence. Generally speaking we did a little lesson with some visual aids, they colored, smiled big for a photo and we were done! Now they’re too cool for a photo and the projects aren’t as cute as spindly legged princesses getting baptized. They’re more sophisticated and sometimes we don’t even do a coloring page, though I’m sure Rachael would be in heaven if we did!

Duncan - 2008

Now we’ll settle for getting a message across, a few happily nodded heads, and minimal fighting over who gets to say the opening and closing prayer… or which song we’re going to sing… or who gets to sit next to mom…

Family Home Evening 2008 - "I Am a Child of God"

We will definitely continue our Family Home Evenings and while I’ve been lazy and haven’t documented it, I think the kids will continue to secretly enjoy them as well. Since we’ve started this year we’ve kept up with our reading (we’re working our way though the Book of Mormon) and we’ve managed to have a lesson each week! Let’s hope we can keep it going!

If you’re interested in reading more about FHE and what it’s about check out this link: click here! And if you’re looking for a convenient way to plan and have your own FHEs check out this site, SUCH a life saver! (Click here!)

More soon. Baby before you know it. (Hopefully, lol.)

2 thoughts on “Family Home Evening

  1. Thank you so much for linking to FHE Made Easy!! I’m glad it’s helping you and your family. And can I just say, the little boy in underwear is EXACTLY how we have family home evening in our house!! Well, it’s a little girl in undies… and it kind of freaks her dad out… but whatever works, right?!

    1. I totally agree! 🙂 And one day we’ll fondly look back at the undies and laugh, whereas they’ll be slightly more mortified, ha. 😉 Thanks again for FHE Made Easy – it’s made Monday nights, well, easy! 🙂

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