Cell phone documentation

Cell phone documentation

I’m in the hospital today! We’re inducing Charlie and hopefully we’ll have results before long! To keep you entertained until I recover enough to post a photo of the newest squishy baby in our family, here’s a post I wrote a few days back in preparation for this day! Enjoy! More later!

When I tend to fall off the face of the earth, my camera gets used less and less. And my horrible cell phone camera gets used more and more! This week, and earlier too, that’s been happening a lot.

Before we moved into our house, Duncan and Olivia came home from school on different buses and each day we had to head out to the bus stop so that the bus driver would let Duncan off the bus. This was one of Rachael’s favorite times of the day – she sure loves her big brother.

After the big move, Duncan made the VERY big move to full-day Kindergarten. This was not only a huge adjustment for poor, suddenly exhausted Duncan, but also for his lonely sister left at home.

But a bright red cowgirl hat makes everything better. For a while at least…

We successfully made the adjustment from being with just mama for a couple of hours to being with just mama… All. Day. Long. Then we started to get excited about the idea of having baby sister with us all day too. Rach even got to help pick out “Baby Charlie’s” coming-home outfit.

When February rolled around we got to  finally start celebrating our birthday-busy time of year. Duncan was home sick from school on his birthday but when he returned on the 8th, to school, he got to celebrate anyway! He was thrilled and came home with his birthday crown.

After Duncan’s birthday (which I still need to post for!) comes Valentine’s Day and this year Cameron surprised me a day early… with a gorgeous orchid plant!

And we can’t forget a photo of some of the freezer cooking I’ve been up to. Here’s a shot of my homemade Veggie Grounds. The recipe is from this lovely blog: http://www.veggieconverter.com/2011/01/whole-food-vegetarian-ground-beef.html This yummy concoction is made to substitute ground meat in things like tacos, chili, etc.

And finally: Occasionally when Duncan gets home from school, he heads for his favorite “warm” spot in the house. Funny how he won’t wear his jacket home some days, he’d rather have it shoved into his backpack. But then he comes home and heads straight for the same spot.

Right behind his left thigh is the heater vent for the kitchen. Growing up, my sisters and I used to hover over the ones on the floor in our kitchen. We’d squish down over the vent and create a nice little heat tent with our nightgowns in the mornings before cereal, lol. Ahh, childhood.

Life definitely still happens whether or not the Nikon is out and getting use. But it is nice to have an “easier” camera to capture a quick moment with. More soon!

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