Beach Trip #1 for 2013

Beach Trip #1 for 2013

My nerdlings are weird.

We hit the road Friday night after Cam got home from work and headed out to Lincoln City. We spent a couple of days there in the delightful, freezing, Oregon Coast at Dad & Stom’s beach house. The kids always love going and playing with Papa & Gma Tanya (who, unfortunately, wasn’t here this time) and Cameron will pretty much drop EVERYTHING to be at the beach! My sisters, Maddie and Sidney, are also here this weekend and it’s been fun. We had such a great time with the family (Dad’s side) at the Christmas Party, it was nice to gather a few of us together again.

Sidney just had her tonsils taken out and Duncan has taken to telling her that he “knows how it feels”. Over. And over. In fact, I think those were the first words that he said to my sister when she ran out from the house to hug the kids when we arrived. He’s very proud of his missing lymphoid tissue. Sidney’s still recovering, as is her voice, but it is kind of a cute reminder how Duncan’s voice used to be so different. He squeaked around as if he had aged backward post-surgery and since we’re more than done adding wee ones to our little group, it was a nice reminder of how my boy used to talk. That rapidly growing 6-almost-7-year-old used to be LITTLE! Well, little-er.


While Duncan’s doing great, Charlotte has been awful. A couple of weeks ago we left her with Dad and Tanya and she just LOST IT. Cried the whole time. She’s getting to that age, and I suspected teething. The following week (last week), we left her again and she cried for the first little while but would stop if Dad would bounce with her and watch Doctor Who. What can I say? My 10-month-old loves her Doctor. I did find some teeth trying to poke through but she reacts pretty angrily to me touching her ears. Could be an ear infection. Could be HEY MOM GET OUT OF MY EARS. Or it could just be a mom hyped up and over sensitive to ear issues from my 17-ear-infections-a-month child, her older brother.

When Dad called and asked if we wanted to come to the beach, Charlotte – of course! – was happy as a clam that day. Did okay in the evening, though she seemed a bit warm to the touch, mom diagnosis? Teething fever. You know, those fevers that don’t exist according to every pediatrician I’ve spoken with every time my child HAS a teething fever. Mm-hmm. But teething’s never really been a big issue with Charlotte. She cut her two outer-front (awkward) teeth in one weekend and other than the teething fever and some bedtime whining, she was fine. Same with her main two front teeth, they both came in close the same time, barely batted an eyelash. HA. Teething at the beach house? NEW GAME, MOM.  I just wish we would have known BEFORE subjecting everyone to her delightful blood-curdling screams each time I walk out of her direct line of sight. No one’s tried to kick us out yet, maybe it’s just my mom guilt.


Teething aside, we had a great time in Lincoln City, as we always do. We watched movies, ate yummy food, Cameron played UNO (!!!), baby cried, more yummy food… the usual! Thanks for the invite, Dad!

Photos here.

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