Bedroom swap

Bedroom swap

If you know me, you know that occasionally I hit that manic ceiling and rearrange 1,000 sq ft in 8 hours. Well, add that with going through a rough patch, getting the itch to clean, and being EXHAUSTED from three children complaining about their bedtime routine? Mama had to fix that.

So back in September (you know, that month where I forgot I had a blog? No, that was October. Yeah, November too. And December – okay, okay, I get it) I took the plunge and cleaned the pants off of my house. I took apart the kids beds, I swapped mattresses, packed boxes, moved toys, dragged shelves, vacuumed, vacuumed, and vacuumed some more. And 8 hours later – minus closets! Let’s be honest! – I had completely changed the upstairs of my house. The former Duncan & Chuck room became the Nursery/Playroom with all of our playroom toys, shelves, TV, and books minus the desk which stayed, and the tiny Duplo Lego table that moved into another room. This will be Charlie’s room until she decides that she can scale the sides of her crib. Then I’ll be pretty quick to move things around again. Who knows? Maybe she’ll turn out to be anal retentive like her mother and not make any messes?

While I don’t have photos from that move itself, after Christmas and right before the end of Christmas break from the kiddo’s schools – we cleaned. And hey, good cleaning deserves photos. Plus, the amount of stuffed animals in this next photo is hilarious. It might be time for the stuffed animal bandit to make an appearance during the evening hours…

Then I moved Duncan and Rachael in together (the two that most commonly complained that they needed someone to read to them or lay down with them, etc.). I also left Olivia’s bed for Rachael and brought in Duncan’s bed (matching set that can be bunked) so that they would each have a bed. Rachael had been on a mattress on the floor for a while and the older she got the more aware she became of the fact that she didn’t have a “bed”. The new bunk beds had to be put on pause due to schedule conflicts but are still underway.

Rae’s side
Dunc’s side

Everything is still very hodgepodge at the moment, and normally the bedspreads match. It’s all sort of a work in progress. Eventually, crazy as it is, Rachael and Charlotte will share this room, Duncan and Olivia will each have their own rooms, and the playroom will dissolve into the three areas. But for now all the kids are happy with their current surroundings.

Olivia’s room is where the Playroom used to be and she has a new HUGE bed. The bed was given to my sister right after we moved in my parents, eventually she got a new bed and now has passed this one to Liv. Olivia loves it, though she has issues with keeping it CLEAN… hint, hint, child! I don’t have photos from her room because she started school before Duncan and was at school during this lovely… awkward… photo shoot. My kids are so weird. I did all the tall-people jobs while they cleaned the floors, made beds, etc.

Heh, tall-people jobs. That’s funny. Dunc brought me a bar stool.

Make sure to click through and see the rest of the photos, including some pretty funny things that came from the kids… as usual! Click here!


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