Conversation I overheard today:

Duncan: Look, Olivia.

Olivia: Haha, Duncan, show mom!

Duncan: Look, Mom. I’m wearing sandals with socks.

Me: I turn to look and he’s wearing white sweatsocks with my black flipflops. Nice, Dunc.

Olivia: Yeah, Duncan. You’re supposed to wear toe socks with sandals. Everyone knows that.


Olivia: What?

Duncan: Yeah, mom. You can’t do it like mine.

Me: No, guys. You don’t wear socks with sandals.

Olivia: Why not?

Me: Just… because. You don’t.

Duncan: Well…

Olivia: Well, except for the hobos. And poor people.

Me: Hobos?

Duncan: Yeah.


Duncan: Wait, what… how do the Hobos get socks?

Me: What socks?

Olivia: Toe socks. Duncan, maybe they just have them.

Duncan: Yeah, maybe they have their toe socks from before they were Hobos.

Me: Before they were Hobos? What do Hobos do before they’re Hobos.

Duncan: They used to be kids, mom.

Olivia: Why don’t they just live in a house?

Duncan: They don’t HAVE a house, Olivia, duh.

Olivia: Well, what about their family’s house? Maybe when they die they can take it.

Duncan: Yeah. I’m going to take this house when Mom dies.

Olivia: No, I want it! I’m going to live here, I’m the oldest.

Duncan: I don’t want to be a hobo!


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