I’m a writer.

Generally speaking, if I don’t write – things don’t end up very well for me. Either mentally or anxiety-level-y. (Aren’t those the same?) You get the picture. It helps to write.

But I’m also incredibly OCD about certain most things. If I write something that’s going public? I check it over and over for mistakes. I’m constantly deleting things in a post as I write. Was that interesting? Was that funny? Did that make sense? Will anyone actually WANT to read any of this?

Because of this, I tend to NOT write. Not the best move but apparently my built-in method of dealing with that anxiety is to just NOT write. So, you say, write PRIVATELY! Just don’t post, right? Doesn’t work. I still check over and over for mistakes. I have pages and pages and files and files – folders full of private work. It will most likely never see the light of… internet? Yet, I still obsess over it.

Today, it dawned on me: Who cares?

While I’m sure the grandparents and great-grandparents enjoy the blog for its photos and stories of my eclectic nerdlings – they didn’t beg me to start a blog and document my life. Regardless of whether or not something is ridiculously interesting or fascinating to me, there will ALWAYS be someone who doesn’t agree. Does my sister (hi, Maddie!) care about what project I whipped up for Singing Time? Probably not. Does an old acquaintance from Salt Lake (that I met a looooong time ago – hi, Kate!) care about my obsession with owls? Probably not. (But boy oh boy her new wee one is adorable!) The list goes on – my love affair with fonts, lists, random things I’ve made or feel like sharing…

But this is for me. It’s my blog. If people enjoy reading my ramblings, great! Please subscribe! I’ll even throw in a virtual-lifetime-hugs coupon! If not, don’t subscribe! I need to be okay with that. Pretty silly ridiculous that that takes effort. And whether or not people enjoy them, I enjoy posting my photos. It’s crazy how fast my kids grow and I don’t have the best record for keeping up with the documenting – I need all the help and motivation I can get. With that being said, onto things I feel like posting!


See the heart as the title of this post? ♡ How cute is that? Do I know how to type it? Nope. Just copied and pasted it here because it’s adorable. And now, because it’s permanently documented, I can come back and copy and paste from here whenever I like! Ha!

♡ | ♡ | ♡ | ♡ | ♡       <— Take one!

Also: I downloaded 50 fonts today. It’s clearly becoming an obsession. I’ll share. ♡ <— ahh, HEART!


The kids are getting older. REALLY. FAST. February is a big month for us – FOUR birthdays all crammed in together. I’m slowly updating the page for the kids’ responses to their questions with their current age and favorite things. It’s a long process but it’s coming. Including the début of Charlie’s page! I love the personalities that are developing in those little bodies and I’m thoroughly enjoying them in their old age. But I have to admit… I already miss answers like Duncan’s from two years ago:

Mel: “Okay, finish this sentence. When I grow up…”

Dunc: “I’m gonna get my own cat and make sure that it has babies and I’ll get a dog and I’ll get a little dog and I’ll get a parrot… and then… and I’ll probably go get a wife that’s not allergic to furriness.”

Ahh, Dunc… remember this gem? (Psst… see that underlined phrase? Anything that’s underlined is a link. Click it!)

– – –

That kinda felt good. ♡ <— (!)

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  1. Melissa, no one else may read or enjoy them but I love reading your whatever they are called. I have never been able to put on a page my feelings but I read all the time and enjoy others. Keep writing – you are good at it and doing it makes you better. I love to know what is happening in the lives of my grands and greats! Love all of you, Gma

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