washi finds

washi finds


How cute is this? If this isn’t Olivia, I don’t know what is…         —>

I stumbled upon it while drooling over Washi tape. Sadly, it’s out of stock! With Olivia’s new glasses, it fits her more than ever! Now if only she’d let me comb her hair and pull it back into pigtails…

This doll is from the Book Club collection and as you can see from the little picture on the book she’s holding, she’s a Sci-fi book lover. Olivia’s already deep into the Fantasy genre and I’m hoping she’ll also grow to love Sci-fi as I did and still do.

The doll is made of resin and they’re hand-painted.  They’re called message dolls – when you turn them upside down, every one has a tiny folded card with a secret message! The perfect gift for Olivia, 8 going on 16 and go figure! Out of stock! You can find her here. (Along with super cute washi tapes!)

Have to go dig for a photo… until then! Ta-ta!

(Pst! After seeing this, if I get sidetracked and knit an 8-year-old-head-sized froggy hat, you couldn’t blame me right?)

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