In the kitchen

In the kitchen

So I’m not unveiling the kitchen in its entirety yet. Mainly because it’s not done! But there are a few peeks today in the photos! I promise more will be coming… maybe a semi-unveiling in the progress of what we’ve done so far.

But today! Kitchen! Seems like I was down there for hours! I go through phases of wanting to be barefoot and pregnant and I think, perhaps partly in coping with my youngest [and last] wee one turning ONE on the 20th of last month, I chose to spend today barefoot and… baking. And cooking! But just not baking any buns in the oven, if you catch my drift!

I needed to make something for dinner, use up a few of our resident freezer bananas, and wanted to try a Pinterest recipe for rice and beans in the crockpot… bring on the cooking!

I started with the rice and beans. Then my little Bunny and I (Rachael) mixed together the ingredients for the Banana Bread while Little Miss Chewwie finished up her nap. Killer recipe, I’ll have to share soon – Aunt Ruby’s family recipe turned vegan. Fantastic bread. With the rice and beans slow-cooking, the Banana Bread baking, and the massive amounts of boneless, skinless, chicken breasts thawing in the microwave – it was bath time for the girls!

Speaking of bath time – here are some fun (and not too nudie!) photos of the girls with my NEW LENS. Haven’t heard about my new lens? See Twitter. I kind of tweetsploded all over Twitter when I discovered it was arriving today! I’ve got a lot to learn but I’m taking a sort-of-online-class from a blogger with a professional photographer for a husband. More on that later including my “assigned” photographs. Onto the nudie babies!

Major fuzz in that last one. She’s hard to catch. She hates having her photo taken… kinda like Daddy, surprise surprise. But when Daddy’s holding the camera? HA! All bets are off, she’s smiley and giggly and poses and yeah. Meanie.

While playing with shutter speed, I did manage to catch a few cool shots of Chuck. Yes, Rach was IN the tub with her (you can see her hands in the photo with the red cup) but as she’s getting older and more long-legged, it’s getting much more difficult to get photos of her in the tub without them being REALLY nudie. 😛 Thus she kinda gets the boot with these kinds of photos. She constantly says, “Here mom, I’m smiling!” or “Here mom! My girl [toy] is swimming!” and I’ll take photos of her or of her toy swimming as she enjoys seeing the photos after the fact. But, on the interwebs, I don’t like to post them. I just scrapbook them… and have plans to humiliate them in a more physical-photograph form!

Anyway – cool:

ISO 100, 8 s, f/22 

[she was sitting miraculously still]

ISO 100, 1.6 s, f/10

So! Little ones washed and clean, into diapers and undies – we ran downstairs to this…

I had to simultaneously distract the youngest kiddo on one side of the kitchen while I pulled the bread out of the oven. (This scenario included some of this after I retrieved the bread from the oven and closed the door.) Yeah, my plating sucks. I was in a hurry and seriously… I just wanted to eat some. Maybe I’ll do some pretty plating and pair it with the recipe soon.

I threw together the Orange Chicken recipe and in under an hour it looked heavenly…

That’s almost drool-worthy. (It’s okay, I’m vegan. You feel free to drool.)

Maybe some proper plating and recipe pairing is due with this one too!

Here was the workstation. My wok was at my left… it took FOR. EV. ER. to brown all those little chicken pieces. I entertained myself on YouTube and found a new vlogging community called Wonderly – check it outSidenote: R2 dispenses candy and bee-boops at you when you push his button. He really make that side of the stove for me. Sidesidenote: Like my… backsplash?

And then the creamy, yummy, Mexican vegan goodness…

This recipe is awesome! It took no time at all to pull together, some canned ingredients, starts with dry brown rice – love it! More to come with that too. 🙂

All in all – a successful, and delicious, distraction of a day.

2 thoughts on “In the kitchen

  1. Your food looks good! Can’t wait for the recipes. I have a quick an easy cake recipe with no eggs or oil just diet 7up! Its on my pinterest board. Hard to believe it makes a cake. It is more like a brownie type consistency, but still good. Think I will try cherry chip cake mix with diet cherry 7 up and see how that goes.

    1. Ooh, yum! It’s like those cakes with canned fruit and cake mix and something else… I think. And you just literally kinda dump it in the pan together, no mixing… DUMP CAKES! That’s what they’re called, lol. Anyway, 7up cake sounds better. 🙂

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