Our lovely demo.

Our lovely demo.

Demolition. In our house. Not something I thought I’d look forward to. But in this case – we get new counters out of it! So why not?

Here’s our lovely, white-washed kitchen from the photos that they had when we bought the house.

We did do a lot of work to our kitchen, but all in all – we were blessed with a great start! While the counters and generic square-tile backsplash weren’t our style, the layout of the kitchen is great! Open and roomy, a great start.

We replaced the white appliances with stainless steel and added satin nickle drawer handles and cabinet door pulls. It’s amazing the difference that handles and pulls can make in a kitchen! And no more broken nails and pinched fingers… what can I say? My nails are weaklings. I don’t have a great shot of the kitchen with the new pulls and appliances at this stage, but later I do. Just pretend. Ooh and ahh and the new hardware and appliances, right?

Here’s a tiny peek…

… but the most important part – PAINT! After living in apartments for so long, we could finally paint! Dusty Trails from Lowes was the color we chose for the kitchen, dining area, and family room.

Next up – though we didn’t realize how quickly this would happen – counters! We found a GREAT granite shop in Salem – if you’re local in the area (Portland/Salem are in Oregon) check them out! The company is Wholesale Granite Warehouse and they’re fantastic! (Click here to see their website!) They have a great selection, super nice customer service, they helped us choose our slab, answered our questions, and the install went wonderfully. At the time of our purchase and install, they were holding a special – free demo or free sink! The sink was a really nice 16 gauge double sink and you had your choice of the 50/50, 40/60, 60/40 sizes. Since Cameron was sure we could handle the demo – we chose a free sink!

Onto the demo! Before we took the tops off, we had to clear the counters and have the template made so they could cut our new granite. In order to do that, we had to pull the backsplash.

This wasn’t too hard, but there were a few areas that the tile would NOT budge. We’ll have to do a little patching in one or two areas, but all in all the result we pretty good. But… definitely not… “pretty”.

I was recruited to climb up and work on the back of the sink area. Cameron was much faster than I was with the job, but it was kinda fun to work alongside Cam. Doesn’t happen too often. AHEM. CAM.

Then… we were left with this. [Enter actual photos of the new appliances and hardware.]


They came. They measured. Then off came the counters!

Good for easy access to the Bento gear? The kids thought it was hilarious that we didn’t have tops on top of the cabinets. I think they asked me 27 different times (in the 12 hours we didn’t have counters) if they could have cold lunch. You know… on the day I didn’t have a counter to make lunches on. Good timing, kids.

And one has to wonder… with the cabinet under the sink needing to be empty, the counters and outlets cleared, and even the stove pulled away from the wall and out of the kitchen area – where does it all go?

Just keepin’ it real.

More kitchen to follow…


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