DIY Lightbox

DIY Lightbox

Disclaimer: I know I said I was going to post the new countertops… except, I can’t find the photos! I might need to take new ones. They’re coming, I promise, just need to find them or take new ones!

Today I’d like to share a quick little project that I did during my youngest’s nap time on a Friday afternoon! It wasn’t too in-depth and I managed to get the majority of it done while not only Chuck was out for the count, but Rach too!

I found the directions here, from a pin (on Pinterest, of course!) I’ve still got practice ahead of me with my photography but this is kind of a fun change for individual items that I’m trying  to get shots of.

Like this!

How cool is that shot? No distractions or random photo-bombing laundry baskets – pure owl. This is one of my sweet owls from my kitchen cabinets. I’ve mentioned my owl obsession before, right? LOVE. OWLS. All right, drool over.

So when you see this, what you’re really looking at from the big picture, is a little different…

The tissue paper lines the sides and the top of the lightbox. This allows the light in, but mutes it a bit too. The white thing draped from the top back side of the box to the front bottom side is just white poster board.

I used a box we had from moving – no, not recently, ha! We moved back in October of 2011 but we have a few things in boxes for storage and a few boxes that are flattened that we use for things like painting or just to put underneath projects we’re working on, etc. Plus –  we all know how OCD I am about organization – every time I get a new plastic rubbermaid-type tote for holiday decor, a new box moves into the box pile, ha! Anyway… I stole a nicer one and got to work with a small craft knife/box knife.

I took my pictures outside thinking that I would get the best light that way. I definitely got the best light in comparison to what I had inside. But! I found that outside, even in all that light, the sun still moves… some of my whites are lighter, others are darker. I’m sure there’s probably a way to solve this with either external light helps or settings on your camera, and so forth. But, alas, I’m not there just yet.

And, of course, the REAL reason I made the light box! We (the girls and I) love going through my jewelry! But for less than $2 you can make a nifty box like this – so why not make something that can get you some great shots of such a fun product!

So excited for my upcoming parties! DIY lightbox for under $2 and fun jewelry for just $5. Win win.

PS: My new Nikon D5100 + my new Prime lens = BOKEH!  I’m in love! Bonus points if you know what this means!

4 thoughts on “DIY Lightbox

  1. I can’t sleep, since I slept in til 10  . . . .

    LOVE the picture of you!!! it is perfect!

    And my bracelet looks really good  😉

  2. Nice light box! I’ll have to pin that. I’m always looking for cheap ways to take good pictures of things. I understood your photography lingo, lol! Bokeh is the cool blur effects in the background or foreground of a picture. Basically. Don’t quote me on that, but I think that’s the jist of it, right? I’m sure it’s way more technical than that 🙂

    1. Woo! I’m not one to ask either, I’m still learning, LOL. But yes! I really liked putting the box together, and it was pretty easy to do! Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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