wookieelocks.com is here!

wookieelocks.com is here!

I’ll post again tonight – but! – I had to share! 🙂 http://wookieelocks.com is officially here! Peek up top in your browser, notice the address? The blog will still be reachable via https://lissieanne.wordpress.com as it’s been for a few years now – but our new “home” is http://wookieelocks.com!

No, we’re not leaving. No, you DO NOT need to type anything different to get here. No, nothing’s changing (well, nothing life-altering). Just easier, quicker to type, and SO SHINY!

PS: I’m hoping that since all these changes are from and through WordPress, I shouldn’t experience any issues with subscriptions… if you’re not signed up to receive a note each time I post, the link is up there to the right! And if you are, and you can spare a minute, leave me a comment: did this change anything in the email you received? DID you receive an email? Why am I asking you questions that you couldn’t read, or answer, if you didn’t receive the email? Of course… how would you know to answer that question if you didn’t get an email… Right, carry on! Feedback! Thanks!

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