31 Day Blog Challenge

31 Day Blog Challenge


Don’t laugh! I know my history with these things. I just can’t help it, I absolutely LOVE doing them. And when it comes with a sweet font-happy graphic – it’s hopeless. I found the challenge on a blog while drooling over vintage campers and motorhomes and the gorgeous before and after interior remodel photos! But that’s another post entirely… Her name is Jessica and the blog is called Vol.25 – seriously, look at their motorhome! See what I mean? She found the challenge through this blogger, Shannon. How’s that for a bit of tagging? Here goes nothing – just you try to resist the list! Looove the “31 DAY” font… ♡ I’m such a font junkie.

Yes, I’m late to start, but I figure it doesn’t matter! I’m too impatient to wait for April, and I could cheat and pre-write and schedule these to post on the right days in April, but… meh. I’ll just jump right in and will myself to ignore that I’m on the wrong day, ha.

Numero uno, coming up!

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