Challenge Day #1

Challenge Day #1


Because of my sick love for challenges and my complete inability to fully complete one, I JUMPED on this one! No, not really, I sort of stumbled on it and decided to give it a shot. Even though it’s supposed to be for March. And it’s March 21st. And I’m on Day 1, ha. Whoops! But, last time I checked, there aren’t any 31 day challenges specifically for those wanting to start on March 21st. So, here I go anyway!

 Challenge for Day 1:

+ self-portrait [view left, taken today]

+ 5 random facts about me

1. I have an obsessive relationship with every DVD and Bluray that graces our home. Whether it’s for the kids, for us, or for both – each one has its own spot. Alphabetized, kept in six different areas (because of storage issues) and I rarely let the kids put any of their movies back because Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus always ends up over by Land Before Time or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (yes, the original).

2. I took piano lessons for 9 years. Yeah, I still play. No, not as well as I should. Practice makes perfect… and it also keeps you at the top of your game. Not having a piano for years and years, it kinda kills it.

3. I’m the oldest of 5 kids – my youngest sister is 16, I’m 27. People in my schools, growing up, were always amazed at the number of kids in my family. Then I met my husband. He’s the third youngest of 8. Utah Mormons FTW!

4. I love horror movies but I have a seriously overactive imagination. While I pretend to be fine, and I pretend I’m not scared, I totally am and I love it. On the not-so-great side, it also makes it pretty easy for me to predict the chain of events (the girl alone in her underwear that heard the noise? yeah, she’s gonnadie) or the ending of any suspense movie or book I read. Good ones surprise me. Like the Doctor said, “Oh, I love your stuff! What a mind! You fool me every time! Well… almost every time. Well… once or twice. Well… once. But it was a good once!” 

The only thing I like better than horror movies, are sci-fi and fantasy movies. When it’s my turn to choose the movie, it generally falls into one of these two genres.

5. I get an intense satisfaction from organizing my house. Cupboards, rooms, drawers, the fridge – anything, big or small. LOVE. BEING. ORGANIZED. Kinda like this:


Stick around for #2!

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