Challenge #4 – for Sunday!

Challenge #4 – for Sunday!


The-Three-Caballeros-classic-disney-18410642-800-600Numero… uhm, four. My favorite childhood memory. Again, this is a tough one. There are a lot of good memories I have from my childhood. My siblings and I were very blessed and while I can’t speak specifically for them or their memories, I have some very vivid and happy ones. I remember going horseback riding at our Family Reunion  in Diamond Lake, Oregon. I always requested to ride the same horse, “Charlie” and I have many photos of me riding him. Nothing special – follow the horse in front of you style riding. I remember being really upset when I heard that Charlie wasn’t available to ride anymore, and that he had “passed on”.

I remember spending ridiculous amounts of [my parents’, I would assume] change on different flavors of Airheads with my cousin, Jennifer. We bought them at the store that my great grandparents used to run back in the day. My Great Granpda Jesse had since passed, Grandmother (Great Grandma Belva) was still with us but far past the age to manage a shop – the store was still there though! We’d sit down on the stones by a small creek that ran through part of the cabin area and just eat them, all at once. I cannot fathom the amount of calories and sugar we must have ingested.

I remember my Dad taking me to Phantom of the Opera – the musical, not the movie. It was the first time I’d seen it and I had forgotten my glasses (I’m near-sighted) so my Dad lent me his. He had seen it before and wanted me to be able to enjoy it. He also treated me to my very FIRST box of Swedish Fish. Little did he know, he started a severe addiction…

I also remember not so great moments. Like the time I decided to try Tom & Jerry’s method of hitting somebody over the head – just to watch them vibrate like a cartoon! How is this NOT a good idea? I was young. I used our metal popcorn bowl and a big wooden spoon, I put the bowl on Daniel’s head and hit it as hard as I could with the spoon. He didn’t vibrate. There was no cymbal sound. Just screaming and crying and I immediately sunk down to the floor on my butt when I heard Dad calling my name, first AND middle – middle names meant business.

Refer to 4:23 in the video below for a clearer representation of my BRILLIANT copy-cat idea:

I remember my parents putting Daniel and me to bed, and Dad reading Pablo the Penguin. I was fiddling with the scab on my knee and my mom told me to leave it alone or it would scar. I picked it off anyway. It left a scar. I guess I took after Pablo. Ice melts. He lit his wood stove anyway. Tsk tsk.

Then there was that huge fight with my mom when I was in the 4th grade. I wanted a bra, Mom tried to explain I didn’t need one. I bawled and created drama, etc. We made up eventually. I also ended up hitting puberty and actually needing a bra. It all worked out.

I also remember, when I had braces, the time my headgear strap came loose and slapped me in the face. It was the middle of the night and I laid in bed terrified, and thoroughly CONVINCED that a burglar had broken into my house and was going through my room. YOU KNOW, with all my Backstreet Boys VALUABLES. Of course, once I started to stir, I was such a 12-year-old-brace-face threat that he slapped me in the face and then froze making no noise at all. Right. All kinds of epic coolness there.

So, like I said, lots of good memories. All these – what’s your favorite? – questions. Good heavens – there are TOO. MANY. OPTIONS. If I had to choose, I’d say most of my good memories involve reading. Go figure, right? We read The Great Brain, The Chronicles of Narnia, Pablo the Penguin, Are You My Mother?, Go Dog Go, Jump Frog, Jump! (Mom’s favorite), The Boxcar Children, A Fish Out of Water, Put Me In the Zoo, Hop On Pop, Fox in Socks, Green Eggs and Ham, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, and I think Yertle the Turtle? I’m sure there were plenty more. We loved our books.

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