Challenge #5

Challenge #5


Favorite movies you never get sick of watching. Let’s do this list style, shall we?


1. Star Wars. Seriously, you had to ask? My favorites are the Han-graced ones. (Duh.)

2. Indiana Jones. swoon – LOVE.

3. Lord of the Rings. All. Samwise, FTW.

4. Gattaca.

5. Watchmen.

6. Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.

7. Serenity.

8. X-Men movies. Superhero movies. They’re all kinda right up there in that same category of Awesomeness.

9. Any Drew Barrymore movie.

10. The Professional.

11. Garden State.

WOW, we have SO many movies. I can’t even begin to list all my favorites. I even like BAD movies. I know I’m forgetting so many! Seriously loaded questions, survey.

2 thoughts on “Challenge #5

  1. My favorite 10 movies…these are not in order

    1. Somewhere in Time
    2. Frisco Kid
    3. Ever After
    4. While You Were Sleeping
    5. Christmas Vacation
    6. The Chevy Chase and Goldie Hawn movies that they did together
    7. Fiddler On the Roof
    8. Any Tom Selleck movie 🙂
    9. Anne of Green Gables
    10. It’s a Wonderful Life

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