The baker’s dozen

The baker’s dozen


At any given time during my day with four children, I’m doing (about) a dozen things at once. So this morning, as I’m making a dozen bagel-egg-cheese-ham breakfast sandwiches for the freezer, I’m also busy texting Cam and entertaining the whining children. (Me: Just ask Duncan to help you make your bed, honey. I’ve got to stay by the eggs. Rae: BUT I DON’T WANT A BOY TOUCHING MY BED! Maybe we should enforce this idea for assistance in later years? Ugh.)

So, Cam’s texting me about this plant we have in the front flower bed – you know, the ONE PLANT that decided it wasn’t an annual anymore and just burst into enthusiastic perennial status. All on its lonesome. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FLOWER BED. Really annoying. If its little friends had decided to join him, I wouldn’t be too upset. But it just keeps growing and growing becoming a larger and larger mass RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE. I just need to start stating, outside and out loud, “I do NOT want anything to be symmetrical, matching, or aesthetically pleasing in any way shape or form.”

“Testing me are you, hmm? THE OPPOSITE, DONE, WILL BE. Yeesssssss,” says Nature.  (Or Yoda, take your pick.)

Anyway! [Again.] So, I’m obsessing over this in my head as Cameron is texting me. There’s a sudden lull in the texting and my phone beeps. It’s an email from my dad – I open up the email and the subject is a reply from a subscription email that reads, “Re: [New Post] Challenge Day #3” – aaand cue all the blood to drain from my face. DAY FOUR. I MISSED IT. Enter the baker’s dozen: the blog has always kind of been that random 13th item that you suddenly remember – OH, that one thing that I said I was going to post and not forget! How on earth did I forget?! It’s not like had 12 other things going on all at once!

NO EXCUSES! BLOG FAIL! The blogGods are laughing at me right now.

Days #4 and #5 will post today. AND! Countertop photos! (Nudge-nudge, Gma Cole!)

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