Challenge #6

Challenge #6

First: a few thoughts.

– Why did I start this challenge, just days before Spring Break with four children under the age of 9?

– Yes. #6 was for the 26th. Fail.

– I’ve lost 6.5 pounds so far! Follow me here.

Carry on.


DSC_0065-0012Posting for Tuesday! I was gone all of Tuesday visiting Grammy & Pa in McMinnville with my quartet of nerdlings. Traveling just 45 minutes with that many wigglies in the back makes the trek seem days longer! It was delightful on the way home, though. ALL four eventually passed out. I managed to stay awake. We all had a busy day visiting, playing, loving, sewing, chatting, and of course eating! Grammy made a delicious lunch and the kids each ate their weight in coconut M&Ms and Hockey Pucks (a special chocolate covered cookie that Grammy is famous for.) [The girls are in their sweet, matching outfits that Grammy made!]

My last random act of kindness. I’m not all that great at these. I do a lot of things for other people, but I tend to not bring it to attention. Being a mom of four kids makes my days full of small random acts of kindness, though I think we’ve all sort of grown accustomed to them. So that doesn’t make them very random…

The last non-mom random act of kindness I can think of was when I made Cameron a surprise cheesecake. Thrilling! I need to get better at this, lol. I guess I can add this to my list of things that I need to work on!

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