Challenge #10

Challenge #10



Challenge 10 is my daily routine. While I’ve talked about this in the past, this is something that seems to change quite a bit year to year. Especially with kids that are in school, changing schools, starting school, etc. Lately it’s been a fairly simple schedule, just semi-chaotic.

Some awful hour in the morning: Cameron’s alarm goes off. Eventually he hears it, turns it off, and gets up to use the treadmill.

Some slightly-later-but still-awful time (aka 6:45am): Cameron asks me “Do you need to get Liv up?” I moan, throw the covers off and go wake up Liv. I then crawl back into bed. Duncan’s already up, as usual.

6:50am: Duncan comes in to the bedroom, “I’m dressed, can I play Minecraft?” Moan.

6:59am: Olivia knocks on my bedroom door. I moan in response. “Is it time to leave, Mom?” I tell her to hurry and not to forget her snack. She goes downstairs, grabs a granola bar, leaves. [I do a lot of moaning, ha.]

7:10am: I send Duncan to the bus.

7:20am: Breakfast time for Rachael (she’s been dressing herself lately – good and bad…), Daddy, and sometimes me. Chuck is usually still asleep at this point.

7:40am: Cam should be leaving. He’s probably not.

7:50am: He finally makes it out the door.

8:00-8:30am: Somewhere in here, Chuck wakes up. More breakfast (or as my girls like to call it, Second Breakfast!)

8:00-9:30am: Email, entertaining girls, making MORE food because they’re never satiated, finding and starting movies or playing Princesses with the 4-year-old

9:30-10:30am: This time varies. Generally speaking it’s filled with intermittent emailing, laundry swapping, floor sweeping, diaper changing, lint trap cleaning, water drinking, package receiving, Dora watching, coupon finding, blog writing (HA), baby soothing, snack feeding types of things.

10:30am: Chuck takes her nap, Rachael parks it on my bed to play the iPod or watch a show (this sounds like all we do is watch TV and movies, really, they don’t!) while I run on the treadmill.

11:00-11:55am: I try to get in the shower, which usually involved being interrupted to show Rachael which button starts a show or “what game should I play?” or every mom’s favorite: “I’m just going to play in here when you shower.” Followed by “Mom, are you clean?”, “Mom, are you washing your hair? I washed my hair in the tub”, “Mom, do you need some soap or towels?” Totally relaxing, ha. Finish shower, get dressed, do hair.

12-12:30pm: Lunch time.

12:30-12:45 Chuck wakes up, somewhere around here and eats her lunch.

12:30-2:00pm: More of the same 4-year-old entertaining, garbage can emptying, laundry folding, floor sweeping, carpet vacuuming, business busying, assuring said 4-year-old she’s not hungry already, graphic design doodling, Photoshop fiddling, pee cleaning, phone answering, dishwasher unloading types of things.

2:00-2:30pm: Sit down and attempt to not do anything before the rush of two extra children occurs.

2:30pm: Send Rachael to watch for Duncan – she loves it when Dunc comes home. He starts working on homework and chores.

3:00pm: Olivia comes home. She pretends to start working on homework and chores.

4:00pm: I start dinner. Kids have hopefully finished homework and chores by now, HA. Dream on.

5:00pm: Kids start dinner chores (they each have rooms they’re responsible for, one is kitchen and includes setting the table – thus the “Dinner” chores) and I work on finished dinner and cleaning up after Chuck who follows me around the kitchen opening cabinets, taking out Tupperware and saucepan lids, and using the kids’ dishes drawer as a support for her dancing.

5:45-6:00pm: Dinner time – kind of depends on when Cameron gets home.

Dinner-7:00pm: We all eat, clean up the kitchen and dining room, and the kids then head upstairs to brush teeth and get into jammies.

7:30pm: Kiddos go to bed, we camp out on the couch for a couple of hours trying to unwind after full days.

8:00-10:30pm: FREE TIME. Intermittently interrupted by Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. You’d think these kids don’t know how to say “Dad”.

10:30-after 11:00pm: Eventually we decide to go to bed.

The end. Thrilling, isn’t it?

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