We’ve been out and about all morning. I had a doctor’s appointment at 8 am (no, I’m not pregnant) (or dying) and Cam hit Walmart while he waited. We went to WinCo for breakfast bagels to stow in the suitcases for a cheap and easy breakfast. We even went to Lowe’s to pick out paint swatches for my ombre stair risers. Considering our schedule was immensely crappy today and we had to kill time from my super early appointment to our shuttle appointment at 1 – we did fairly well.

We ran early, which we assumed we would, but when we got to our gate the flight that was taking off before ours hadn’t left. The rows of chairs were swamped! So we ducked back into the wi-fi nook and whipped out the laptops. Smarty Pants brought his laptop cord. Well, I should rephrase. To save on space in our carry-ons, we both put our cords in the suitcases. Unbeknownst to me, he put his BACK in his carry-on so his lappy wouldn’t die if he decided to use it while waiting for our flight. I didn’t catch him in the act and didn’t think to grab mine. (22% battery life left! Type faster!)

I don’t mind being early to the airport. Part of me likes the early idea. Get groped and scanned quickly. Then push through the crowds trying to simultaneously redress, slip on shoes, and grab their valuables before the agent on the other side shoves them off the edge of the table. Gotta love TSA. I stupidly wore my green cargo shorts and the zippered pockets set off their little notification, but she just padded the… thigh? pockets? I don’t know what else to call those pockets… good enough. Wasn’t terrible, though the new machine you walk through is interesting. It’s been five years since we’ve flown, so there were definitely some new rules and the like. My fingernail clippers made it through. Now I can cross stitch… with my fingernail-clipped-embroidery-floss. Woo!

Our flight leaves in 40 minutes. Cam’s antsy, he keeps poking around his wi-fi cubicle to tell me flight information or funny tidbits from Facebook. We’re definitely polar opposites during down time. Retirement will be interesting to say the least. He’ll need a hobby. Or a girlfriend. SOMETHING.

Okay, maybe not a girlfriend.

With 18% battery life left, 34 minutes apparently, I will sign off until next time. No guarantees (as you can see from June, HA!) but it would be nice to get some mid-Vegas updates!


3 thoughts on “pdx.

    1. Gma! 🙂 We went to Vegas for a 5-night stay to celebrate our 6th anniversary. The kids stayed with Sidney and then eventually with Brinsley and Maddie (and their SO’s) when they ended up showing up at Mom’s too. Originally they were supposed to be watched by Maddie here at the house but there were schedule conflicts so we ended up taking them to Mom’s. Dad and Tanya had a trip the same time as we did! But we had a fun trip and the kids enjoyed their time with the Aunties.

      1. How great that you could get away for your anniversary! I went to Allison’s and helped Robin watch Sophia and Cameron for their anniversary which is the 2nd. I know yours is the 10th. Cliff’s is the 1st but I don’t know that they were able to go anywhere. I’m glad you had this time together – it is hard to find time alone with a family 🙂 Love, Gma

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