10:30. And no post. Tsk…

There’s plenty a-brewin’ here at casa del Wagner-o. [I have no idea what I just said.] Just no time to post it seems. That’s a recurring problem I seem to have.

I started to toy with a vegan sugar cookie recipe this last week and while it ultimately did not work as planned, they still were delicious. More on those tweaks tomorrow, including pictures of the ballooned shapes that we ended up with! And the story of the exploding disposable pastry bag. FACEPALM. Wasn’t a great night.

Do you follow me on Instagram? If you do, you saw the delicious cupcakes I drafted up from scratch this afternoon – incredible! If I do say so myself! It’s so exciting to have thought of an idea and then actually be able to transfer what I wanted and visualized into a real, living, breathing thing! AHH! You should have seen me piping the frosting. Once everything fell into place it was an indescribable feeling. I felt like I was God painting happy little clouds in the sky – with Bob Ross – seriously! THAT feeling. Those happy little flower-iced cupcakes… happy happy little cupcakes… stress just melted away.

I hear most women eat chocolate when they’re stressed. Me? I write a recipe, make it into Almond-Joy-esque cupcakes with coconut cream filling and vanilla buttercream frosting – then I throw some toasted slivered almonds and chopped chocolate on top. Heaven. Pure, stress-free, liberating heaven.

Happy little cupcakes… stay tuned for photos!

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