A 13-minute breather

A 13-minute breather

Amid the chaos and trauma of day-to-day living with 4 children and a very busy husband, I decided that homeschooling my nerdlings was something I wanted to take on. Something I believed in, and something that was an active choice – not something you just say but something you have to physically do. It’s been a lot of work, and I realize I’m still all new and shiny, not worn down and to my ragged point but in the past 6 hours and 40 minutes, I’ve really felt like it’s working. Like this is where we’re supposed to be.

Cameron woke up and ran, did his usual work stuff after breakfast. I got up with Duncan (bright and early at 5:55) and we jumped right in. I haphazardly asked if he was interested in getting some schooling done before breakfast since we were both awake (ha) and downstairs together. Without the girls it went so smooth! Even Olivia can be a distraction at times. I definitely will continue this practice as long as he continues to drag me out of bed.

Olivia, poor girl, has been waiting and waiting for her supplies to arrive. For some reason we’ve been having problems getting k12 to reinstate her, though it’s apparently finally been solved. Today, on my checklist, I am emailing the ONE person we’ve been able to get results from and asking how things are looking on their end since our Enrollment Dashboard is STILL not functioning. Go k12! But all of her paperwork is in, including her stellar report card. Fingers crossed and prayers going for supplies coming fast!

Rachael and Charlotte are feeling neglected. ENTER MOM GUILT. Suddenly their two older siblings are home. All. The. Time. And it’s WEIRD, right? I’m suddenly giving the big’uns all this attention, asking the wee little’uns nicely (through clenched teeth) to please be quiet, Duncan’s trying to work. “Well, FINE, we’ll just eat markers and steal your 3DS, MOM,” retorts the toddler. Le sigh. It’ll get better. This too shall pass.

But I guess that’s what this 13-minute breather– oops. Make that a 17-minute breather and probably 18 by the end of this post. That’s what this is about. Learning. Being in charge of my own learning. Being in charge of what my littles are learning. Sharing with them the love of music, numbers, reading, literature as a whole that I have personally. Allowing them to develop their own favorites and real-life-related learning methods.They’re even asking more church related questions. And not just on Monday nights, score! It’s definitely a new and unfamiliar journey we’ve locked onto, but it’s one that I think we’ll all enjoy.

2 thoughts on “A 13-minute breather

  1. I think you will enjoy it too. Maybe you have a friend the is home schooling too that maybe one day a week or month or whatever, you can trade off on so you will have some more one and one time with the littler ones. Very proud of you.

  2. Love this! The little ones may feel ‘neglected’ right now, but they will not remember anything different in the long run so you get to raise them in the homeschool lifestyle, which is awesome. By the time they are ready to ‘start schooling’, they will be so much further ahead from joining in big brother and sister’s stuff! 😀

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