Just thinking…

Just thinking…

Today is full of #hashtags and Mancrush Mondays and Throwback Thursdays. But being a busy mom, as much fun as it would be to post a photo of me and schoolmates from 1998, I never remember. Let alone remember WHERE the photo is to scan, post, or instagram. Kinda like my dying What I Wore Wednesday. (Don’t know what I’m talking about? EXACTLY.) So I’ve brainstormed a NEW #hastag//clever-day-of-the-week-named-thing for my family.

Most of you know, or maybe not, that we’ve pulled our older two kids from public and public charter schools that they were attending and that we’ve decided to homeschool. Last week was our first full on week of REAL schooling. Getting settled in, making sure we were busting out assignments and logging our attendance. We’re trying out ORVA through K12, and so far so semi-good. I’m sure it’ll get better but that’s another post entirely! Between homeschooling, Paparazzi, keeping up with my housework, working towards my DREAM of Wookieecakes (yes, vegan bakery!), and still finding time to stay sane and use my baby (Nikon D5100) to photograph my other babies (the human cute ones!) – I thought about sliding in a clever ruse to get my family to try a few new things.

So no, there probably won’t be a regular #hashtag or clever name, but I think we’re going to start our little adventure with mashed up Roasted Sweet Potatoes with a bit of vegan butter, pink Himalayan sea salt, and the ittiest bit of pepper as a side dish in our dinner tonight. My kiddos are pretty good about trying new things and they LOVE vegetables and fruit – we are so blessed as parents, you have no idea – picky free around here. But orange mush? I’ll admit it. It seriously looks like orange mush, lol. But it IS so good. I had half of one today for my lunch… now to push them to try something new and crawl out of their little mini-distinguished food homes all comfy and cozy.

I hereby declare today – TRY-IT SATURDAY. EH, eh? *nods*

Depending on how ambitious I’m feeling perhaps we’ll even go for Try-Me Mondays! That is if I ever get to the grocery store.

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