another day home

another day home

Today was a usual day in the way that it was not usual in any way. Normal has sort of packed and left, not that normal was a huge contributor around here. But it had a routine, albeit a small one. We got up, pushed two kids out the door, daddy’s been working from home for a while now so even that had become normal. But now we keep our bigger nerdlings home. We all work together to make the day work, we’re just still trying to find out when it becomes normal, at least for us, again.

Today went all right. We didn’t finish everything on the list, but I’m trying to take that in stride. We DID finish things on the list. That’s moving forward. I can handle that. I even got the valances and remaining curtains hung in the family room and kitchen. Cameron, as usual, came to my rescue helping me construct DIY valances without having to actually buy separate valances and their software. I saw the valances on Pinterest – of course, right? Unfortunately, it looks like one of our curtain panels was stamped crooked. That’s an entirely different story though – so long story short, I’ve got some fiddling to do with the valances.

Tomorrow it’ll be on to more school, definitely more cleaning, and invoicing too! Go go Paparazzi! Now for some Chocolate Peanut Butter Almond “ice cream”.

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