This just in!

This just in!

Hello fellow Wookieecakes lovers. Well, hush. You will be – just wait and see!

Among all this delicious Instagram posting and drool-worthy Facebook updates [cue head inflation now!] is a lot of baking and a lot of great results. The problem? I can’t POSSIBLY test all I want all the time and still attempt to keep a girlish figure! And after a while one begins to wonder if the yummy-ness is all in one’s head.

I want to test new flavors, new ideas, new treats, new everything!

So here’s the point in all this.

How would you like to fast forward yourself to the front of my giveaway list? As it stands, I’ll be making random drop-ins to friends and family with treats to share, but if there’s a specific want somewhere I want to head there first! If you love cupcak– wait, who doesn’t love cupcakes? Everyone loves cupcakes so sign up below! (Leave me your email address in the comments and I’ll contact you further, thanks!)

For now, I’m trying to keep this local to keep down costs. Feel free to send me your information if you’re in Oregon but outside of my immediate area – who knows, maybe I’ll be in the neighborhood. Can’t hurt to try! 😉

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