Start with just five minutes.

Start with just five minutes.

Sometimes the overall weight of life seems to press against my hands. Kind of like the difference between words and “alhgiujaggajmjfk lj kakfjlgal;fjgaljka la;gj” Makes sense, right? I go to post and I just can’t get from the asdfghjk to the real formed words. So I figured, start with just five minutes.

Go go, five minutes!

I figure the easiest way to start with the five minutes is to just babble. And, of course, the easiest thing to babble on about is stuff that we’ve done! This last few weeks has been a little on the chaotic side. The kids have been back in school (don’t get me started on that topic, that’s another post entirely) and doing their normal thing, the two little girls have been in their fairly usual routines except for Daddy being home, and I’ve been battling weight gain from my meds – wahoo! Good and bads, your usual. There have definitely been more positives as of late with this week. First things first:

Cameron’s parents came to visit! This was a great positive thing as we don’t get to see his family very often now that we’ve moved. It’s basically become the opposite of what it used to be, we used to live in Utah and the once-a-year trips were to Oregon! Regardless, it’s been fun to trade-off and go visit or have them come visit us. The main reason for timing on this trip is also the next positive thing we’ve got going on!

Duncan’s baptism! He turned 8 on the 7th of this month and chose to be baptized. We couldn’t be more proud of our boy, and can’t believe how much he’s grown! We had a small gathering of mostly family and then a luncheon for Mom’s side of the family afterward. Thank goodness Danine had her camera because while Cameron grabbed our Nikon, neither of us thought to check for a card… whoops! Duncan took a photo with both me and Cameron and I’m so glad Danine was there to take them for us!

Five minutes is up! More tomorrow… hopefully.

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