Spring Break Hump Day

Have we really made it? Are we really HALF way through this… uh “glorious” week? Happy Hump Day to parents all over the Spring Break world! We’ve made it!

I think our week has been a lot like this post – a little discombobulated and random. But it was still full of sweet nerdlings (albeit loud and sometimes obnoxious) and some good days thrown in the mix too. Here’s a sweet wee one demonstrating her two basic stances: still and not-still.

Now to survive the next two days + a weekend.

My kids have been suffering from “we’re not doing aaaannyyything for Spring Break?!” fever since they got out of school three days early due to Parent Teacher Conferences. Gotta love the extra time right? Not so much. The conferences were nice though, I feel like we actually discovered, worked on, and found solutions for either problems or “good” problems like having a daughter who desperately needs that extra work to keep her over-the-top brain going! Usually we just go in and nod and “uh-huh, oh good,” etc. We actually spoke and expressed concerns or praised things that were tried and successful. It felt like we actually accomplished something.

To celebrate my Hump Day for this delightful BREAK (ha) I’m making Red Velvet cupcakes in some damask-wedding-esque liners to try and appeal to the more wedding side of this business. Or, attempt. It was suggested that I shoot for weddings and party gatherings to start and it’s a great idea. I have lots of ideas how we could display the cupcakes and as a side project I may even draw up a few ideas and post them to hold myself accountable. One would need Styrofoam and lots and lots of frosting. But it could be fun! Perhaps a good summer project.

In other news, I’m trying to keep up on my water intake. Not something all that exciting. But when you go from downing water bottle after water bottle to a 10-oz glass a day? Not the best switch! I used to be fine with my water intake but due to stress and just the usual busy excuses I’ve been horrible about it. I’ve felt it too! Even on my run days, I still feel sluggish and exhausted. I miss that rush of energy I get from exercising. Water water water.

Well, with a child to deliver (to the great-grandparents!), fabric waiting and calling my name (trip to Joann’s! woo!), and cupcakes once I arrive back home… this day is far from over. Enjoy your hump day and let’s hope I survive Spring Break.



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