Consistency seems to be something I can’t quite get down. Frosting consistency? Of course, good there. Maybe practice does make perfect – the more I make cupcakes, the better my consistency or form gets. Mayhaps it will be the same for my posting? (Doubtful.)

But, here I am. Trying again. Remember this girl?

Her sweet little face, albeit a bit more mature now, woke me at 4:47 because she had a nightmare. This has become a regular occurrence and I’m just kinda wanting to be done. That sounds mean, a lot meaner than it sounds when I say it out loud. But, now that we’re “done” with adding to our family, I think part of me just assumed they’d grow up really fast and I’d be missing all these late night interruptions. HA. Enter the five-year-old. DON’T WORRY MOM. I’LL HELP YOU REMEMBER. (Wow, I just saw the plate in the background of that photo. See the bacon bits? I’m pretty sure that’s where the crazy happy smile is from. She loooooved bacon bits. Whatever works, right?)

But regardless of the late night awakenings and the parade of “I can’t sleep”, “Charlie’s too loud”, “I’m too hot”, “I just can’t keep my eyes closed”, and so forth… she still is pretty cute. And she draws Doctor Who and  TARDIS pictures for me. That about evens it out, right?

In other non-night-owl related news, we’ve been up to a lot around here. Well, maybe not that much. It just feels like a lot. The garden is in, we’re getting ready for mulch in the flower beds, and our first gladiolus bloomed yesterday. Cameron has a new job, with a credit union this time, and has enjoyed blowing away his superiors with his quick-pick-up and the ease at which this man throws products. (Surprise, surprise.)

With Daddy back to work, we’ve been slowly easing back into some semblance of a schedule at home. The girls still miss Daddy, I miss being able to yell “your turn!” when Rachael melts down over something or Charlie decides that shaking her water cup all over the table and her lunch is more fun than eating her lunch, but most of all we just plain miss Daddy. It’s hard adjusting to having a spouse home, but it’s just as hard as adjusting to then not having one at home.

Thursdays are still fun for me, really it’s the day I look forward to each week! Well, most weeks. Once a month I go to Woodburn Quilting Society for a quilting lesson which I absolutely look forward to EVERY month. And then once a month I go to a Sit & Sew put on by the Woodburn Quilting Society! Both are held in the same place, same time, mostly the same people – just one has a lesson and one doesn’t. Ultimately it breaks down to two days a month that I get to go and do something quilting related for three hours and it’s pure bliss. I never realized how much I would absolutely ADORE quilting. But I do! I’ve signed up for two different swaps in the past couple of weeks and I nearly died when I had to miss our last quilting lesson due to how sick I was last week. It was a rough Thursday. And I was still sick. I wasn’t kidding when I said I looked forward to those meetings! The excitement over the swaps is helping to make up for it but I’m still counting the days until our next lesson.

In other news, I’m still making cupcakes. CUPCAKES. Seriously, I just love cupcakes. If this works out and really becomes the ultimate Melissa endeavor, I’d be such a happy girl. Forever. My Cookies & Cream Cupcake (no real title yet) was to DIE FOR. Photos will be updated on the Wookieecakes section shortly.

The kids and I went to the library (sans Duncan) after a long FEE-induced-hiatus. AHEM, CHILDREN. Basically, I ran out of money and banned my children from returning. Wasn’t a happy mama. But who am I kidding? I’ve missed it terribly and the kids of course kept whining over it, so I caved. I picked up a graphic novel (Olivia and I are trying to read the same books together, per her request) called Bake Sale. I paused halfway through and gushed to Cam about how much this book was making me want to push to lease a place and stick with the original 5-year-plan. It’s hard to be patient and I’m not ready yet, but we probably should play it by ear for a while and see how it goes. But ohmycute, Cupcake’s bakery was SO cute. I mean seriously, can I be a cupcake… making cupcakes?

I also got some quilting books. Need I say more?

All right, not much on the docket today except for more work on the Marvel mini quilt, possibly some cupcakes, and definitely some cleaning to make up for when I was sick last week. On second thought, that does sound like “much” for today.

Cupcakes making cupcakes… who knew?


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