The Swap

The Swap

I’m currently at the end of a Mini Quilt Swap! The Schnitzel & Boo Mini Quilt Swap to be exact. In a way this is sort of introducing my quilting backward but hey – why not? I’ve been posting on Instagram (which is linked to my Facebook) with progress on blocks or work that I’m doing on this and that project but I have yet to post here. Perhaps that’s somehow linked to my constant absences around here!

This swap was SO much fun! I really enjoyed being able to use what I’ve been learning at the Woodburn Quilt Society – those two days a month, when I get to sit and sew or learn more about cutting, piecing, quilting, and more to come – I SO look forward to those two days. I’ve been experimenting (and kinda going a little nuts) with paper piecing on my own but! I’m semi… trying to pace… myself. Well, not really.

For this swap, I did two mini quilts – the first was my main one. I used the tutorial I found on Adventures of a Cross Stitch Drama Queen‘s blog – SO fun! My size was a little different and obviously I used different fabrics. My fabric was all from April Showers by Bonnie and Camille.

I’m really pleased with how it turned out and I hope my partner feels the same! I used a red and white houndstooth fabric for the binding and I was surprised at how the binding fell into place. This was my first major project and I was terrified for the binding. But I did it!

The backing was some cherry fabric that I’ve been hoarding for a while now. I feel like I have a bazillion yards of it. Once upon a time I had this idea in my head to make curtains for my kitchen that was going to be Mary Engelbreit and cherries. Then plans changed and I had… a LOT of cherry fabric. But hey – I’m a quilter now, I’ll blow through it. Right? Let’s hope… Regardless, the cherry fabric fit perfectly with the April Showers line.

On a side note – check out my cuuuuute masking tape! Love it!

The second mini quilt is going to remain un-posted until I know my partner has received her package. I don’t know who’s sending me my mini, and my partner doesn’t know I’m the one sending her a mini quilt! Kinda adds a fun spin on it. I paper pieced that quilt but the end result spells out her name… so that’s kind of a pretty clear giveaway…

I threw in some fun treats, she likes chocolate, and a cute little dachshund pin cushion with some feather pins. I’m kinda pin obsessed so it was fun to share part of my collection. I can’t wait until her package arrives! I’ll be sure to post photos of the whole thing once I get word.

After Round 2, I’m hoping Round 3 signups will open up soon – I’m definitely signing up. More next week!

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