Things I learned today

Things I learned today

1. Some cavities can be dealt with WITHOUT a shot in the mouth. Olivia was lucky enough to experience this. Back when I had mine filled? Not so much.

2. All swings are not the same. Especially at Bauman Farms. And even more so when you’re wearing Saltwater sandals that catch bark dust chips and you keep making mommy take them off so she can clean them out.

3. Sometimes dealing with a government office can be pleasant. Well, not terrible, at least. Seriously. (I know, right?)

4. Toddlers like straws. A lot.

5. Making homemade ice cream is REALLY exciting. Even to adults. 🙂

6. I’m kind of obsessed with Oreos. I’ve tried almost every single kind that has come to our local Walmart. Today’s were Reese’s Peanut Butter Oreos. Not too shabby; personally, I think they’d be better sans the half squirt of chocolate. Ideally, they’d be chocolate cookie, peanut butter filling, and dipped in chocolate. Me! Chocolate! Who knew!

7. It’s okay to have a laundry switching, laundry sorting, laundry folding, laundry put-away-ing Family Home Evening. Especially when you can’t even open the Laundry Room door due to the massive piles of laundry in the way.

8. Even when we really REALLY want something – Heavenly Father knows what’s right for us. That job that Cameron was dying to get when Keybank decided to dissolve his postion? That company is now doing the same thing, eliminating all those positions all over again. A former co-worker of Cam’s is currently employed there and will have to be back out, hot on the job market all over again. We’re thankful, and happy, we decided to be patient and let – take it, Carrie Underwood!Jesus, take the wheel! (I’m not a huge fan of this song. Still couldn’t resist.) Yay for still having a job!

9. Vegan sweets are sometimes the BEST sweets. Even when you’re not vegan.

10. Safeway bag “boys” (in this case, bag man) seem to find graphic t-shirts a fantastic excuse to flirt with you. Well, me. But hey, don’t take my word for it – try it. Then yes, an excuse to flirt with you. Too. Today’s example:

I was wearing this shirt in the checkout line at Safeway and the rather creepy bag “man” said something. I THOUGHT he said, “Oh, you like BAG guys?” and I could feel my mouth drop! Who SAYS that?I had Olivia with me, I think I look married but I guess, maybe you can’t look married, ha!

Then he said something that didn’t register at first and I realized he had pointed, and was now staring, at my shirt. It dawned on me that he had actually said BAD guys. Well, I really hope he said bad guys, ha. “Oh… heh…” *cringe*. He then proceeded to discuss with me how not all the guys on my shirt were bad guys, “sometimes they’re allies.” Yes, thank you. Stop staring. Eyes are up here. Did I need help out to my car? Thanks, but I’m good!

I guess I should take this as a sign that even with my chub creeping back (sob) I’m still okay to hit on?

11. You can be 28, greasy-haired, carrying a few extra ell-bees, tired of your motor-mouth tween, and still look nice enough to hit on. Score. I guess?

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