busy busy!

busy busy!

We’re finally getting back to a more normal way-of-household around here. We had a blast with the cousins here (photos to come) but after a week of all play and minimal chores + laundry… well, life has a way of catching up! We still miss our family but I’m glad we’re getting  caught up on all of the laundry and upkeep around here!

A new update that has recently come in to play is my NEW calling! I honestly thought that I would be tied down in my calling for at LEAST another 3 years. I’ve been the Primary Chorister at my church (we are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) for 1-2 years? I think? And I’ve been enjoying it! Starting out was terrifying, but I quickly eased into it. I really began to have fun with  my primary kids and enjoyed helping them prepare for their Program and teaching them new songs, playing games, you name it – we did it!

Well, apparently the big man upstairs decided to throw a wrench in the works to see what I would do. Never get too confident, I guess, right?

Our Bishop’s secretary called to set up a meeting with Cameron and me and it sounded fairly urgent. We kept having to put off the meeting and finally, the Bishop called and asked if he could drop by because he wanted to talk to us before church on Sunday. I just assumed the whole time that if they were extending a call to the both of us, it would be a non-Sunday calling and something fairly low-key. I knew they were probably releasing Cameron (he worked with the youth, boys 12-13) because of problems with work and not being able to make it to activities. Imagine my surprise when I found out the urgency was for me! He released us both from our current callings and called me to be the 2nd Counselor in the Young Women’s Presidency!

After the first shock, and the shock of all my “co-primary-workers” when it was announced that Sunday, I started in Young Women’s! My first Sunday was yesterday and our YW President taught the lesson. Honestly? I was THRILLED! After serving for years in the primary as a Teacher and then a Chorister/Music Leader – I was in a calling where I got to both teach (I’m technically over the 12-13 year old girls) and listen, it was such a nice change! My second hour was free, so I attended Sunday School! Shocker! And then third hour I got to be a part of another lesson! I sure miss my little primary kiddos’ smiles and voices but I’m definitely enjoying being a part of the YW’s organization.

I’m off to update the calendar, continue the fight against laundry, and schedule out some upcoming visits for my nerdlings. Busy busy, as usual. More tomorrow!

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