When I went out to recess as a kid it was all about Wall Ball. And Four Square. We were cool, man. Shh – just let me reminisce.

Any teacher out for recess would probably have heard the term, “DO-OVER!” screamed at the top of every other child’s lungs about every 2 rounds of a game. It was kinda the instant restart of our 1990s generation. That and finally losing the 80s bangs.

Today, I felt myself come back to that familiar spot, yet in a much more mature and adult manner. You know, because I’m all growed up– grown up now. Yep.

Anyway, all day I’ve been working on preparing a lesson for church. For those that don’t know, my calling has recently been switched from Primary Chorister [working with kiddos ages 3-11 in music] to Young Women’s 2nd Counselor [working with young women ages 12-17]. As I was preparing I began to get discouraged, not feeling like I was able to really get the message out like I wanted. Those that know me know I enjoy speaking and teaching – this shouldn’t be difficult, right?

I took a step back and looked through some other articles, feeling like I needed a break and wanted to explore some other articles but still stay in the same spirit, if that makes sense. Well, HA – in doing so, I opened myself up a bit and realized that maybe all this preparation was wonderful for a lesson taught at another time, but not for this Sunday. So, following the prompting I was feeling – I needed to start over completely and follow another topic entirely, one that apparently needed to be heard – and heard this Sunday. Funny how the Spirit reminds us that we’re instruments in His hands.

If you’re interested, here are the two articles that I’ll be teaching from:

Mothers and Daughters

Watch and Learn

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