During which I avoid fetching the iron.

During which I avoid fetching the iron.

Should be working on some Christmas gifts. Instead? I’m organizing my Documents and Downloads folders. A bit obsessive compulsive, yes, but oh so satisfying. Apparently at some point I had messaged this moment to a friend and randomly I also copied it into a word file and saved it. Not sure why I did at the time, but I’m glad I did. Weird thinking that Charlotte is already so big and Rachael isn’t even at home anymore!

“lissieinthesky: so while trying to take photos for this online course thing, Charlie decides I need a hug.

lissieinthesky: I mean, perfect 1-year-old hugging height – kneeling by the sewing table with my camera body resting on the tabletop and taking photos of TMNT shot glasses in a row.

I’m trying not to move at all so I can get essentially the same exact shot but then show the differences with my f-stop

So she crawls up, grabs on to stand up and plants her face (with two steady streams of snot) ALL OVER MY SIDE.

So much for this shirt.

I yelp out noooooo Chuck!

and Rach goes “it’s okay mama, she just likes you the best” LOL

lissieinthesky: I guess there’s that. :-P”

Miss the little goobers being… little!

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