Like peas in a pod

Like peas in a pod

By far, the messiest room in my house right now. And of course, the messiest child sits among it. This chaos definitely needs some order. Hopefully, injured knee willing, I’m going to make a dent in it today.

It’s the little things that bug me… like the ancient rubbermaid-style (maybe?) baskets that just never sit quite right on top of each other. I requested these well-used baskets from my Grandma’s stash – I figured most were wanting the fabric, not the yellowing crates they sat in. They’re great on their own, I have a couple that work wonderfully in my great shelved closet in the sewing room. (Cam did a great job, then we both did an even better job of overfilling it, ha! See it semi-empty and clean here.) But they’re not stacked! I think their age is just really showing in the inability to sit straight and stack as they should. Perhaps it’s the load of fabric… they look much cleaner and less weighed-down here. Might be time for Hubbs to try and intervene with some ideas of his own… I wonder if we have enough spare lumber lying around to throw together a little shelf to help “stack” them without really stacking.

I’m always pushing the kids to finish their chores so they can “play” – amazing how many different things one word can mean. The word “play” around here has endless meaning! Hopefully just not all electronic, right? Olivia’s been doing a great job and has been finishing in the mornings so that she has the rest of her day, the ideal  way to do it. Duncan does the same UNLESS his rooms gets messed. He has a very difficult time getting from a mess to clean again. Once he’s there, maintaining is pretty easy for him.

Sometimes I try to do this by literal example, though it’s not easy. As a parent things get shoved and left to me, and keeping on top of that is much more difficult then “gather your dirty laundry and start a load” or “make your bed and check your floor”. Especially, as you can see, when it comes to the sewing room//office! It literally has become the junk drawer of our home. Very frustrating.

I’ve also been trying to throw in random chores and requests for them to respectfully respond to and then fulfill so that I’m not the only one pushing through all the other miscellaneous work. I try to remember to praise. Sadly, it’s easy to overlook when negatives are looming around the corner. I’m doing my best, trying my hardest. So far we seem to be winning the entitlement battle.

In other news, we have an upcoming family date this weekend that I’m looking forward to. Cameron found a Groupon for bowling and then pizza (another Groupon, of course – have you met my husband?) to top off the outing. I think it’ll be really good for us, it’s been a while since we’ve gone out and had a good time, ALL of us, together. It might also be a great opportunity to push out those often overlooked praises that everyone is in need of working on. Through the screaming fights over monkeys, and lies about laundry being finished so snack can be inhaled, eesh… we need to focus on some positives! A good start to the new year? Definitely.

Besides, I think we’re all just dying to see Cameron’s best two-handed granny bowling techniques again. Right?!

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