Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List

There are SO many things we want to do this summer… and of course the online lists and ideas are ENDLESS. My Aunt (and I think a couple others sent me this as well when I posted about behavioral issues right at the onset of Noschool Syndrome) sent me something that she saw that will definitely be used in my house this summer:

After some digging, I still couldn’t find the original source but it’s been changed a million different ways and people have made printable after printable. I chose this one, from Happy Home Fairy. It’s printing now!

I also love this moveable schedule, from Thriving Home, that makes it really clear what we’ll be doing each day. I may need to pick up some poster board, cut out strips, and get my sloths out of media-mode.

Every morning:

Child: “I did my chores!”

Mom: “Great! Thanks, babe.”

Child: “Now can I play Minecraft?!”

Mom in her Ideal World: “Go check the color coordinated schedule for the day!” Mhmm. A mama can dream.

But – all that aside – between our big Summer Bucket List and the BORED Chart… there’s plenty to keep us all busy!


Things we get to do with Daddy

Dates we’ve done something

Something we’ve already done!

Last updated 7/2/15

Want more ideas for your own brood? Check out my Pinterest board specifically for my nerdlings – summer ideas, crafts, things to make for the kids, snack and meal ideas, etc.

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