Liv’s new answers:

Legoland 2015

My name is Olivia, but you can call me Olivia. [We’re too cool for nicknames now.]

Age: 11

Favorite Toy: “My phone.”

Favorite Book: “Harry Potter series.”

Favorite Website: “Uhm, *giggles* don’t write that. Okay, uhm… I don’t know!”

Favorite Game: “Minecraft.”

Best Friends: “Elijah, Phoebe, Aiden, and Olivia H.”

When I grow up… I don’t know! What are you doing? Don’t write that! When I grow up I want to… I want to… *giggles* I know this sounds nerdy but I want to be a marine biologist.”

When I try to do a serious face contest with Elijah, because it’s impossible, it always makes me laugh.”

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