This won’t make for much of a post, but here it is anyway. After all, I was a pinch on the slacky side last week! It all works out in the end, right?

We didn’t do much last week, basically more of the same. Though we did have Library Day at Duncan and Rachael’s school. That was fun! Last year I was just a volunteer for the school’s library and I was in pretty frequently. It’s completely volunteer/parent organization run and this is the first year that I’ve signed on as Library Co-Coordinator. It’s really been nice, to be honest. It can get hectic, there are six grades, and the olders tend to all maul each other over a few favored series, but we’re working on the kinks. But on Friday, it went pretty well! The older kids are enjoyable because not only are they opinionated but they’re capable of carrying out the act of looking for what they want mostly on their own. Whereas the others are all DEFINITELY still opinionated, just not quite so capable! It’s especially fun when we have a very particular want from a Kindergartner and they can’t even read the titles to help look! We have a few little boys that will set their minds on a topic, ie Dump Truck or Dinosaur Fossils, but any and all similar topics: “PFFT – HOW DARE YOU. I wanted a DUMP TRUCK book, not a cars, tractor, train, construction, any other vehicle book you have book.” They’re mostly sweet about it, but it definitely does get me on my feet and learning our books!

In other news, I pretty simply want every single outfit Felicity Smoak is ever pictured in on Arrow. And, OMGOSHATOM! Kinda stoked. (Yes, we’re behind. We’re currently in Season 3 via Netflix.)

Speaking of things that are smoakin’… (punny!)

Dinner tonight was simple but good. Mexican Bubble Pizza, though the recipe definitely needs an upgrade. It’s one of those Pillsbury recipes that revolves around things they make. Ours is also simplified because my kids are turning into picky eaters. Well, at least the younger two as of late.

Tonight’s (doubled recipe) basically consisted of:

2 cans large biscuits (ripped into 8 pieces each and balled up) [also: each serving of this meal was 524 calories – mainly because of these calorie-heavy biscuits – imagine it with cheese! eesh.]

1lb-ish homemade shredded pork from the crockpot (leftovers from pulled pork sandwiches a couple of nights ago that was bagged and frozen for later use)

2 cans of condensed tomato soup

4 TBS WinCo bulk taco seasoning

1-1/2 cups water

I slow-thawed the meat through the morning and afternoon, and when it came time to make dinner I threw it in a cast iron pan with the water, seasoning, and soup. Bring to a boil, simmer for 3 minutes. I think I simmered mine for longer, I felt like it was suuuuper watery at first and wanted to make sure it wasn’t going to be Mexican Bubble Bread Soup.

While that’s simmering, rip the biscuits up. This is annoying. And kind of gross when the biscuits aren’t homemade. What are the little beads in their? Buttermilk solids? Butter-flavored shortening flakes, iunno? Throw them all in a 9×13. You may want to ball them up just a little to help with them immediately trying to stick back together.

After your liquid and meat mixture has simmered and thickened, pour it on top of the dough balls and mix gently. I used a spatula and almost folded it all together like you would egg whites. Or other things that require folding. Then pop it in a 375 degree oven and bake for about 23 minutes. Liquid should be bubbling and biscuits baked.

Normal people would then add cheese (I don’t eat dairy), chopped olives (we were out), chopped green onions (didn’t feel like answering, “What ARE these?”), salsa (HA, nice try. Meet Rachael.), and sour cream (again, I don’t eat dairy). I guess I should add, I could have offered things individually, like the cheese and sour cream at least. But I forgot sour cream while grocery shopping and I really REALLY didn’t want 5 people microwaving their food because their cheese wasn’t baked on their dinner. Mama makes one meal. Don’t like it? Don’t eat. It became a low-key, but yummy, dinner.

Charlotte ended up eating a few bites of biscuits and all of her corn. Complained the entire time – but she did it! She’s a work in progress. But Rachael ate it all and didn’t complain that it was “too spicy” until well into her second helping.

Achievement Unlocked! Try it, you might like it…

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