Yesterday and today

Yesterday and today

Life had been pure chaos.

♣ Charlie and I are still recovering from being sick. Basically just runny nose and some cough, the nebulizer has helped her quite a bit. I feel better but sometimes get caught in a fit and have to use my inhaler.
♣ Duncan miraculously got some late work done while at school! We’ve been struggling lately getting him to pay attention, behave in class, and get any work done and yesterday he came home and had done extra! Two typing assignments to go and he’ll be caught up. Plus pledge sheets, the stinker.
♣ Cameron’s been studying like crazy for his licensing tests at work. This is great for him and progression at work, but stressful for him and basically I’m a giant, curly haired, sponge.
♣ I prepared a really rushed dinner but Cameron said everyone enjoyed it and ate a LOT. (I was at mutual.)
♣ I organized and executed an activity with one of my Mia Maids, we’d been collecting donations to make blessing bags for a couple weeks. We, with all our youth, made approximately 123 bags to hand out.

♣ Brought down over 4 loads of laundry to be pushed through immediately due to some items and their awful, wet, nature. Bleh.
♣ Olivia and Charlie had eye exams this morning, Charlie was very very nervous and shy but actually got through the whole assesment! She’ll have pink glasses with butterflies along the sides in a few weeks! (Liv picked out new ones as well.)
♣ Ran to Walmart to pick up lunch (still haven’t gone grocery shopping) them home to eat before…
♣ Check-in day at the library! I’m one of the librarians at my two, elementary-school-aged kids’ school.
♣ Came home and watched my friend’s kiddos while she ran a couple errands at the bank, but honestly, we went to the park and the kids are all great friends and just played together. Easy peasy.
♣ Nagged Duncan to get dressed for Scouts, took both kiddos to Scouts and Activity Day Girls at the church.

And then sat in my car and breathed.

Sure, it was a lot and I’ve got library and more to do this weekend… but life can feel overwhelming regardless of what your schedule looks like. I’m marking this one up on the #lookforthelovely side. As much as I’m sure I won’t miss certain things about having little kids, part of me will miss the constant motion. As exhausted as I am at the end of my busy days/weeks, there is so much more to count for what I’ve accomplished that day.

I won’t miss the wet linens.

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    1. So they’re sort of like donation bags. We put bottled water, granola bars, fruit cups, toiletries, etc. We made a lot of bags, the youth took some home to give out and the rest we left at the church to hand out to ward members so they can help distribute them to homeless or less fortunate that are asking for help on the streets in our community.

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