Library day

Library day

Need I say more? We got a lot done today but honestly, I’m exhausted. I think I may be getting sick again. As much as I hate my inhaler, I’m being good and taking my preventative measures. Bleh.

Library day. So fun, yet so tired. Good tired though! Aside from the tired, Duncan had a GREAT day at school. So I called Family Movie Night.

Tired still looks like this:

Cooking dinner

But at least it made dinner! Wonder Woman apron at 4:30pm, cooking eggs while daddy cooks hashbrowns with bacon, per Rachael’s request for dinner. Then we all sat down to Family Movie Night and watched Escape To Witch Mountain! Which, by the way, is streaming on Netflix! The kids ate and laughed and got a kick out of the goofy special effects (“WAIT, helicopters can’t go upside down! That’s fake!”) Rachael told me afterward that she wants to watch that movie every day of her life.

All right then, not bad for a flick from 1979! Go go Family Movie Night!

2 thoughts on “Library day

    1. I looooved the movie as a little girl and it was fun to watch it as an adult and remember seeing all those “special powers” parts and being amazed, lol.

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