Don’t call me.

Don’t call me.


Today was… a day. It was fairly normal on the spectrum to be honest, with just a hint of extra crazy because DAD’S OUT OF STATE. IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE TO ME RIGHT NOW, MOM, BUT I’M JUST REMINDING YOU, MOM. BECAUSE YOU’RE ALONE. FOR ANOTHER 48 HOURS. Sweet Moses, children.

We did have a little bit of semi-relaxing time and played with perler beads. Crossed it off our summer list too! The kids made a few random sprites. Olivia was all hormonal (surprise!) over not finishing her Muffet, but I wasn’t in the mood to feed into it. Duncan finished his Sans after dinner. Rachael and I both made Hello Kitty sprites, slight differences to each. In fact, Rachael made two! She was on fire today. She finished with a blue My Little Pony sprite. Charlie was bouncing off the walls during this entire process but did make a pizza sprite to give to her Aunt Didi. I wanted to do Louise Belcher from Bob’s Burgers but when you’re the only one that can tape, poke, and iron all the work… it adds up quick. I’ll have to catch Louise next time around. (MADDIE – wanna do some next week?)

I was texting and on the phone with Cameron a few times through out the day but it got a little ridiculous. Our dinnertime conversation didn’t last long. With four hungry children and my inability to hold a phone on my shoulder while making Puffy Pancakes for dinner? Not a great combination. He was just checking in and killing time before heading out to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner anyway so I told him I’d call him back. Le sigh. Is this where I put: #momlife? I did call back though. Adulting Achievement Unlocked!

But we made it! Everyone is in bed and has been for a little while. Hallelujah. I honestly started looking forward to coming up to the office after the kids were in bed, being able to unwind and write a little stress out of my brain. Now let’s see if I can successfully make it a habit and keep it up!

There’s not much left to say. I crossed things off of my to-do list. I did something fun with the kids. I cleaned the pants off of my house. I even remembered to add a few books to my to-read list. It was a pretty successful day. Wish me luck for tomorrow!

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